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A Short Guide to Long-Distance Travelling

Spending more than half a day in a stuffy aircraft cabin can seem intimidating. If you think about it, that’s a lot of time spent trying to drown out screaming children, battling the cramped conditions in coach, and struggling to find the best position for sleeping upright. And, of course, topping it all off is the jet lag that delightedly awaits you at your destination. Luckily, though, there are ways to make your long-haul flight more endurable. Whether you are a plane virgin or a seasoned jet-setter, here is your guide to flying like a pro.

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Q+A: Homesickness

You’ve just moved into college, and you feel like you’re ready to roll. You’ve got a brand-new comforter set to fit your twin XL bed, a shower caddy to survive your floor’s communal bathroom, and a laundry bag to (unfortunately) do your own laundry. You’ve met your roommate, checked in with your RA, and mapped out your classes on campus. You’re prepared to mingle with new friends, use up a lot of money on textbooks, and spend long nights studying. You think you’re ready to tackle whatever the new college life has in store for you. But wait, what’s this?

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