Pawsitively Speaking

Check out our Facebook event for   Pawsitively Speaking !

Check out our Facebook event for Pawsitively Speaking!

Hello Fellow Bruins!

This coming week, Total Wellness will release its first issue in volume 16 entitled “Wild About Wellness!” To supplement the launch of this first issue, Total Wellness is planning to collaborate with k9 Connection, a 501(c)(3) project that educates volunteers and shelters homeless dogs. This animal-themed issue will be featured in our upcoming outreach event, Pawsitively Speaking, in which we hope to be able to provide UCLA students with an opportunity to pet dogs, pick up a copy of our latest issue, submit suggestions for future issues, and spin a wheel to answer health-and-wellness-related questions that explore why our interactions with animals as humans is an expression of healthy living. Additionally, we will provide healthy incentives such as 18 Rabbits and KIND bars, promote health and wellness resources by distributing free magazines, and engage in discussions on healthy interactions with animals. Pawsitively Speaking will take place on February 10th, from 11AM to 2PM on Bruinwalk and is our largest event of the year. With midterm season upon us, we Bruins can forget to keep our bear necessities met. So even if you are as busy as a bee, don't neglect your health!

Cheers to your health,