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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Rachel and I am a fourth-year Psychobiology major and Food Studies minor. I have always been interested in health and wellness, and being part of Total Wellness has only further consolidated that zeal. My journey as a staff writer and now, as Editor-in-Chief has played an important role in shaping some of the goals and values I have today. For example, it has encouraged me to seek out new ways to be healthy in my own life and inspired me to empower others to take charge of their own health. When I am not working with my content team at TW, you can find me practicing yoga, developing recipes, watching Food Network, and exploring vegan spots in LA.

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managing editor



Hi! I’m Amy and I am a third-year Physiological Science major at UCLA. Health and wellness have not always been a large part of my life; in fact, I grew up despising fruits and veggies. However, as I started to notice how my food choices and daily habits affected my life satisfaction, my interest in health and nutrition grew. Being part of Total Wellness has allowed me to share my experiences with wellness with students at UCLA. As Managing Editor, I have the amazing opportunity to connect with all our members and understand their unique perspectives on health. While Total Wellness is #life, I also love to bake and cook, get Salt & Straw with friends, and spend time to myself.


director of external affairs



Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a fourth-year Psychobiology major at UCLA. I am currently the Director of External Affairs and previously the Art Director of Total Wellness. I’m a really big movie nerd and love having deep conversations about life; in my free time, I love looking for beautiful places to go someday and spending time with family!




article editor



Hi, I’m Bhavya and I’m a fourth-year Biochemistry major and Cognitive Science minor! Being a writer and now Article Editor for Total Wellness has allowed me to pursue my passion for health education and my interest in writing. Outside of TW, I love dancing and promoting South Asian culture through UCLA Taara. In my free time, I enjoy reading and listening to Hamilton!


copy editor



Hi! I’m Nico, a second-year Human Biology and Society premajor! My time here at Total Wellness has helped me grow in all aspects. It has been a really great platform for me to take control of my health and encourage others to do so as well. Personally, I love music, pop culture and anything with “eco-“ attached to it. Catch me exploring LA and searching for new things to try!


digital media co-director



Hi there! My name is Kristy and I am a third-year Psychobiology major. I love creating and planning my dream life on Pinterest, as well as browsing for healthy recipes to experiment with. I also love tidepooling and have always been particularly passionate about marine life! As a pre-health student, my love for health and wellness is one that extends far beyond my career goals. It is a personal mission of mine to continually educate and inspire others to value and manage their health. Total Wellness gives me the creative freedom to address this topic from a less medically oriented model, and grants me the opportunity to inform from a more relatable and personal voice.


digital media co-director



Hey! I’m Hannah, and I am a third-year Psychiobiology major. Since coming to UCLA, I’ve begun to take more initiative over my health, both physically and mentally. Total Wellness has given me the platform to not only express my creativity through digital media, but also become more involved with community health and student wellness. Living by the “camera eats first” mantra, I enjoy taking photos and trying new foods at different restaurants! I also love all things Disney and travel adventures.

Stephanie Chen UCLA Total Wellness

art director



Hi! I’m Stephanie Chen, a fourth-year Computational and Systems Biology major. I am interested in finding ways to bridge technology and design to improve health and wellness. Through Total Wellness, I have become aware of the more subtle yet important aspects of health such as mental wellbeing and lifestyle management. As a STEM major, I really appreciate having Total Wellness as a creative outlet to produce content that is uniquely my own. Recently, I started doing mindfulness exercises and running regularly as way to de-stress. I also enjoy sunsets, taking walks, and good movies.


assistant art director



Whaddup! I'm Aly, a third-year Cognitive Science major. I love dogs and exploring different forms of wellness that don't include cardio–unless it’s chasing after a dog. Total Wellness has allowed me to pursue my interest in design while becoming more involved in the student community at UCLA. Through it, I have met some of my closest friends and am so excited for the upcoming year!



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marketing director


Hello! I am a third-year at UCLA and have been part of Total Wellness for two years. Initially a staff designer on the Design team, I am now the co-director of Marketing & Programming. I am super excited for the year and cannot wait to show you all what Total Wellness has to offer!


programming director



newsletter editor


Hello! My name is Yashwi and I am a third-year Physiological Science major and Structural Biology minor at UCLA! As a writer, education advocate, and health advocate, I find Total Wellness to be a great outlet for me to promote health literacy throughout our community and around the world! As a pre-health student, I appreciate how Total Wellness is the perfect balance between science and public health! In my free time, I like to watch comedy, go to the gym, and cook Indian food!


social media director


Hello hello! I’m Jess, a fourth-year Cognitive Science major. I’ve been part of Total Wellness for two years and have loved every single part of it, from learning more about student health initiatives, meeting the most genuine people, to going on post-meeting ice cream runs! Apart from Total Wellness, I love exploring different cafes around the area and eating tons of food. Can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the year!




finance director


Hello! I’m Miranda, an Economics & Psychology double major and Spanish minor! I joined Total Wellness because the staff and leadership are genuinely passionate about wellness in every sense of the word. Our team consists of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, all of whom are committed to supporting students in developing healthier lifestyle habits! Some fun facts about me: My hobbies include dance, photography, videography & editing, and snowboarding. I also have two dogs and an affinity for to-do lists and color-coding!