STAFF TEAMs 2018-2019



writing team

Aashi Patel | Alekhya Vittalam | Andy Zhu | Angela Shiu | Claire Locke | Celina Dominguez | Cynthia Tze | Isabel Nakoud | Jessica Nunez | Kristy Lin | Nicholas Carpo | Sarah Sullivan | Yashaswi Pinnamareddy

Writers at Total Wellness are committed to presenting quality health information that is both accurate and interesting. They thoroughly research articles using peer-reviewed scientific journals and pull information from relevant new studies. Multiple drafts are reviewed by our editors and citations are checked for validity. Print articles are read and edited by a professional reviewer, an expert in the field most relevant to the article.


design team

Aleisa Quach | Cynthia Bui | Dana Leong | Danielle Sumilang | Leslie Hwang | Madison Hoo | Niandra Lim | Stephanie Chen | Vanessa Perea | Valeria Moreno

Designers at Total Wellness create engaging infographics for our website, and contribute to the clean, professional look of our annual print magazine. Using primarily Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, designers help bring our articles to life.


digital media team

Esther Chae | Hannah Chew | Jessica Zeng | Katie Kim | Megan Blatt | Miranda Kim | Rachel Tsao | Sydney Yang | Victoria Kim

The Digital Media team is a new addition to Total Wellness, striving to create aesthetically engaging, audience-driven content. Our web designers, photographers, and videographers work together to implement digital marketing strategies such as SEO and social media to expand our online presence.