LEADERSHIP 2018-2019

Managing Editor | Nancy Vu   Hi there! My name is Nancy Vu, and I'm a third-year nursing major here at UCLA. As managing editor of Total Wellness, I track deadlines and membership status, communicate with writers, coordinate professional review, and record meeting minutes. I joined Total Wellness my freshman year because it's the best student organization on campus (obviously). Some things that make me happy are kind strangers, babies (like in general), and seeing what's on sale on Ralph's weekly ad. Some things that make me sad are seeing old people eat by themselves and writers missing deadlines. If you're struggling to get a hold of me, I'm probably napping or vigorously making a to-do list.   totalwellnessmanaginged@gmail.com


Prasann Ranade⌄

Hey there! I’m Prasann, a fourth-year Human Biology and Society B.S. major from San Jose, California. Being part of Total Wellness allows me to learn and write about fascinating health and wellness topics, like what spices to add to my food or what medicine to take. On my downtime, you can find me drinking chai and other kinds of tea, cooking Indian food, and thinking about spirituality. In the future, I hope to travel the world to study and treat infectious diseases.


Editor-in-Chief | Omid Mirfendereski   Hi! My name is Omid Mirfendereski, and I am a third-year neuroscience major at UCLA. I'm currently the editor-in-chief of Total Wellness, and I was a writer for about a year and a half before joining the leadership team. I got involved in Total Wellness Magazine my first quarter at UCLA out of my love for reading and writing. I wrote for my high school newspaper for all four years, and I was adamant on continuing journalism in college. Of course, I am also passionate about health and am eager to promote awareness on wellness issues relevant to the student body. My aim is to play a part in helping undergraduates lead healthier and more balanced lives. A few fun facts about me: I love making origami, especially 3D origami; I've read a lot of mystery novels and a lot of Russian literature; and in my free time I like to watch documentaries on animals.   totalwellnessedinchief@gmail.com


Rachel Tsao ⌄

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Rachel and I am a third-year Psychobiology major and Food Studies minor. I have always been interested in issues of health and wellness, and being part of UCLA Total Wellness has only further consolidated that zeal. My journey as a staff writer and now, as Editor-in-Chief has played an important role in shaping some of the goals and values I have today. For example, it has encouraged me to seek out new ways to be healthy in my own life, as well as inspired me to empower others to take charge of their own health. When I am not working with my team of staff writers at Total Wellness or frantically finishing up assignments for classes, you can find me practicing yoga, developing recipes, watching Food Network, and exploring vegan spots in LA.


Director | Christopher Phan   Hello! My name is Chris, and I am a third-year ethnomusicology major, former staff writer, and current director of Total Wellness magazine. As this year’s director, my role encompasses coordinating the writing, design, outreach, and web teams to produce a beautiful magazine with substance and style. I became interested in Total Wellness after picking up my first TW magazine - Health in Your Hands - the summer before my freshman year at UCLA. With the turn of each page, I learned the importance of making health-conscious decisions in my everyday life. As a staff writer, I loved looking at the research to break down the scientific jargon into authoritative and palatable health-bites that persuade readers to understand the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A little bit about me: I enjoy learning about music from around the world, playing tenor saxophone in a Latinjazz big band and acoustic guitar in a worship team, cooking, eating, experiencing nature, and spending time with friends and family. My favorite foods include hamachi sashimi, grapefruit, and no less than 85% dark chocolate.   totalwellnessdirector@gmail.com

managing editor

Robert Valencia⌄

Hey there, my name is Robert and I’m a fourth year neuroscience major and global health minor. I’m currently the managing editor for the magazine, but I started off as a writer. I’ve been a part of Total Wellness since my sophomore. I’m passionate about teaching people about how to practice self-care and to improve their health and being a part of this magazine has enabled me to do just that.


Copy Editor | Payam Mirfendereski   My name is Payam Mirfendereski, and I am a third-year neuroscience major. I am the copy editor for Total Wellness. I joined Total Wellness as a writer in my first year since I loved writing and was passionate about health advocacy and interested in scientific journalism. Total Wellness   has enabled me to exercise creativity and critical thinking while conveying scientific research to the UCLA audience in a palatable and educative format. In my free time I love to draw, learn foreign languages, and read about anything and everything related to history, geography, and anthropology.   totalwellnesscopyed@gmail.com

Copy Editor

Sarah Noorani ⌄

My name is Sarah Noorani, and I am a fourth-year Neuroscience major. I am the copy editor for Total Wellness. I initially joined Total Wellness as a writer because I wanted to learn more about health and spread health awareness at UCLA. Being part of this organization has both increased my own knowledge and allowed me to relate scientific information to the UCLA student body in a way that is easy to understand. Even though I love being healthy, I still love having boba (who doesn't?). I also enjoy running, baking, and hanging out with friends.


Assistant Art Director | Alison Jeng   Hello! My name is Alison, the assistant art director of Total Wellness! I study Design Media Arts and Pre-Business Economics with the intent to double major. My reason for joining Total Wellness was because I wanted to learn more about magazine design as well as because I wanted to be a part of a program that encourages healthy living. A few fun facts about me include: I love cooking and consuming brunch, I am terrified of small talk, and my favorite pattern to wear is stripes.   totalwellnessdesign@gmail.com

Assistant Editor

Bhavya Malladi ⌄

Hi, I’m Bhavya and I’m a third year Biochemistry major and aspiring Cognitive Science minor! Becoming a writer and editor for Total Wellness has allowed me to pursue my passion for health education and my interest in writing. Outside of TW, I love dancing and promoting South Asian culture through UCLA Taara. In my free time, I enjoy reading and listening to Hamilton!

Finance Director | Ruchi Desai   My name is Ruchi Desai, and I am the finance director for Total Wellness. I am a third-year MCDB major and BMR (biomedical research) minor. I joined Total Wellness because I was interested in learning and writing about various health topics. Some fun facts about me: I love to read (I might have a slight obsession), and dance!   totalwellnessfinances@gmail.com

Art director

Stephanie Yang ⌄

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I’m a third year Psychobiology major at UCLA. I am currently the Art Director of Total Wellness and have been a staff designer ever since freshman year at UCLA. As part of my role, I help manage a team of staff designers, review drafts and final designs of the magazine spreads, and compile everyone’s work into the beloved magazine that we make! I joined Total Wellness because I have a love for design and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to continue that passion in college and, simultaneously, improve UCLA’s health literacy. A little bit about me: my favorite foods are rice and sushi; I’m a really big movie nerd and love having deep conversations about life; in my free time, I love looking for beautiful places to go someday and spending time with family!


Webmaster | Rachelle Juan   Hello! My name is Rachelle Juan, and I'm a second-year economics major. As webmaster for TW, I work with our web team to ensure that the website is built and maintained. I joined Total Wellness to learn more about the web design process and to promote wellness on campus. Things I love: boba, stationery, and sans-serif fonts!  totalwellnessweb@gmail.com

assistant art director

Amy Choi

STAFF 2017-2018


Sydnie Bui

Ruchi Desai

Shriya Didwania

Katie Farr

Jennifer Gethers

Momoko Ishiioon

Syuk Jun

Omid Mirfendereski

Payam Mirfendereski

Masumi Padhye

Sepideh Parhami

Jasmine Sidhu

Sabrin Sidhu

Richa Vakharia

Natalie Vawter

Nancy Vu

Jefferey Yeung

Total Wellness writers are committed to presenting quality health information that is both accurate and interesting. They thoroughly research articles using peer-reviewed scientific journals and pull information from relevant new studies. Multiple drafts are reviewed by our copy editors and citations are checked for validity. Each article is read and edited by a professional reviewer, an expert in the field most relevant to the article. Writers work with the designer assigned to their article to ensure the layout and images of the article meaningfully convey the information within the text. The final product of all this hard work is an aesthetically pleasing and informative in-print and online article. Writers start their training as interns and are promoted to staff writers after one quarter.


designers ⌄

Katie Allio

Sophia Fang

Alison Jeng

Jenna Le

Amir Ljuljanovic

Jackie Nguyen

Nezia Rahman

Edith Ramirez

Kimberly Rich

Molly Sanders

Eunji Song

Kandice Tsoi

The designers at Total Wellness are important as they bring the articles to life and create the clean, professional look of the magazine. The design process starts with the designers choosing one article that they want to design. If desired, the designer can meet with the writer of the article and discuss the article’s design. Next, the designers, brainstorm, manipulate the text layout and images using Adobe InDesign, and make a pdf file to which final aesthetic changes are made before the article is published.



Rachel Tsao

Our Web Team is responsible for designing and maintaining our new website, hosted by Squarespace. Members of the web team write all text blurbs that appear online, manage the layout of text and images, update the site as issues are released, and will soon be transposing our entire archive of articles into a web format.  


Outreach ⌄

Ayesha Parikh

Christina Pham

The outreach team is a very important and growing component of Total Wellness. We strive to reach as many people as we can by way of distributing fliers and magazines, advertising Total Wellness at Student Wellness Commision (SWC) and UCLA events, advertising our magazine at fraternities and sororities, and being active on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. We are always trying to come up with new ideas for how to reach out and increase our number of readers.


Writers ⌄

Jen Aceto | Savannah Badalich | Ryan Babadi | Cristina Chang | Leslie Chang | Sarah Chang | Peter Chu | Michelle Do | Julia Duong | Julie Escobar | Julia Feygelman | Samantha Leslie Fong | Catherine Hu | Sally Kim | Samuel Kim | Harini Kompella | Grace Lee | Sofia Levy | Lawrence Liem | Tiffany Lin | Josephine Liu | Alyssa Lok | Pavan Mann | Zoë Merrill | Jennifer Miskabi | Halee Michel | Samantha Mojica | Monica Morucci | Allison Newell | Brian Nguyen | Lillie Luu Nguyen | Niyati Patel | Jaclyn Portanova | Anahit Poturyan | Chalisa Prarasri | Nabeel Qureshi | Nikki Somani | Elsbeth Sites | Leanna Tu | Nicole Tu | Catherine Wang | Pauline Yang | Daniella Zola

Designers ⌄

Pankuri Aggarwal | Shana Bird | Kevan Carroll | Nicole Chang | Natalie Chong | Karen Chu | Emily Hsu | Jocelyn Kupets | Coco Liu | Chika Matsumoto | Keziah Pagtakhan | Catrina Pang | Kristen Sadakane | Mary Sau | Jessica Sun | Danielle Swenson | Annie Theriault | Alexandria Villanueva | Rebecca Wang | Barbara Wong | Helena Wong | Shannon Wongvibulsin | Karin Yuen

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Pankuri Aggarwal | Erik Jue | Sofia Levy | Zoë Merrill | Brian Nguyen | Catrina Pang | Niyati Patel | Sepideh Parhami | Mary Sau | Elsbeth Sites | Maxine Tsang | Barbara Wong | Helena Wong | Karin Yuen