LEADERSHIP 2021-2022






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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Nico, and I am a fourth-year Human Biology and Society student at UCLA! As someone who joined Total Wellness in his freshman year of college, I have grown immensely because of this organization. It has been a really great platform for me to take control of my health and encourage others to do so as well. As you read through our website, I hope that you would come to agree with me and join us as we explore wellness from the perspective of many fields. Personally, I love cooking, music, and anything with the word “eco-“ attached to it. When I am not hanging out with my TW family, catch me working on my next art project and searching for new places to explore!

managing editor

Niharika Duggirala

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Hi! I’m Niharika and I am a third-year MIMG major here at UCLA. I joined Total Wellness because I was looking for a group that was passionate about exploring wellness from different perspectives, and immediately fell in love with the organization. I realized that health is intertwined with our daily lives, and that the concept of holistic wellness varies from individual to individual. Being part of Total Wellness has allowed me to embrace my own journey with wellness. As Managing Editor, I have the unique opportunity of connecting with all our members, while continuing to support and grow with the community around me at UCLA. When I am not with TW, I love to cook and bake, grab ice cream, and enjoy some trashy chick flicks.

director of external affairs


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Hi! I’m Elaine, and I’m a third year majoring in Business Economics. I joined Total Wellness because I love that this organization is genuinely passionate about empowering students to lead healthier lifestyles, while also providing a space for our creative expression. Wellness is so deeply intertwined with our lives that we simply have to care for ourselves, whatever that may look like, in order to live well and be well. Outside of TW, I enjoy writing, taking long walks, and spending time with friends and family.




article editor


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Hi! I’m Anisha and I’m a third-year Human Biology and Society major. Health and wellness is a huge passion of mine and it all started with experimenting with activities I enjoyed. In Total Wellness, I love synthesizing my diverse interests to create content that empowers our community. There is no single path in wellness and I appreciate that TW initiates conversations about a variety of topics. Outside of TW, you can find me cooking and photographing new recipes, running around, and spending time outdoors!

copy editor


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Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa and I am a fourth-year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology student who is minoring in Biomedical Research and Gerontology. Too many college students graduate without sufficient knowledge on how to take care of themselves. I am grateful for the opportunity to empower members of the UCLA community with adaptable tools for leading healthy and happy lifestyles—whatever that means for each individual. Beyond facilitating content creation at Total Wellness, I enjoy running, brunch-ing, and beach-ing. I am very happy you stopped by, and hope you will stick around!

Eleanor Pae - UCLA Total Wellness

digital media co-director


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Hi guys! I'm Eleanor and I'm a third-year studying Computational and Systems Biology with a Statistics minor. I joined TW because I loved how it incorporated my passion for mental and physical health with creativity through journalism like design and media. I also love the TW community and everyone I've met in the org!! Everyone is so talented and advocates for well-being which is amazing in a college environment.

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digital media co-director

Bella Hung

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Hello hello! My name is Bella, and I am a third-year Human Biology and Society major, double minoring in Film and Professional Writing! I discovered Total Wellness my first year at UCLA and was immediately drawn to it because it combined my interest in health as well as my love for digital media and design - I'm so grateful to TW for all the unique and interesting skills I've attained, as well as all the lovely people I've met!! Outside of TW, you can find me hunting for new books to read, thrifting, or exploring LA. Thanks for stopping by! <3

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art co-director

Nicole Huang

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Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm a second year Human Biology and Society student. Total Wellness has been the perfect intersection between two major passions of mine: art and health. Since joining, I've loved being able to engage with the UCLA community by starting conversations about health and wellness through whichever media that appeals to them, whether it be art, photography or words. Outside of TW, you can find me exploring new places to visit, baking different desserts or spending time with family and friends!

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art co-director


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Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm a second-year pre-Human Biology and Society B.S. student with a Food Studies minor. I joined Total Wellness because of its multidisciplinary nature in food, physical activity, health, culture, and society; I was impressed by the aesthetic and depth of Total Wellness's magazines when I first was checking out the club! On my free time you can catch me designing/lettering, cooking/baking, swimming, and trying something new.



Maya Peterson - UCLA Total Wellness Headshot

public outreach director

Maya Peterson

Hi! My name is Maya, and I’m a fourth-year dance major and cognitive science & film/television double minor. I have always had a passion for health and wellness, so I knew Total Wellness would be the perfect organization for me to share my interests with the rest of the UCLA student population. Since joining I have been able to creatively express myself while also having the opportunity to interact and bond with a cohort of like-minded students. In addition to spending time with TW, I enjoy playing the drums, taking walks out in nature, and experimenting with new vegan recipes!

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public outreach director

Serena Bhakta

Hey! My name is Serena and I am a third-year biology major. My hobbies include dancing, doing arts and crafts, and hanging out with friends! I joined total wellness because I wanted to improve my physical and mental health using a creative outlet. I am thankful to be part of such a welcoming community that encourages me to be the best version of myself; I will cherish my TW experience forever.

finance director


Hey there! My name is Sahej and I’m a second year Mathematics major. I joined Total Wellness because I’ve always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and being a part of TW is like being part of a super fit, super fun, supportive family! I’m excited to learn and share more wellness tips in the years ahead. Besides Total Wellness, I love singing broadway show tunes and binge-reading Harry Potter.

Karissa Shuck - Total Wellness Headshot

social media director

Karissa Shuck

Hi everyone! I’m Karissa and I am a third-year Biochemistry major. I joined Total Wellness because it combined my passion for health and wellness with my desire to further develop my creative skills. Even through virtual events I was able to find a community I love and I hope to share that experience with you this year! When I’m not hanging out with my friends at TW, you can catch me taking food photos, watching Netflix dramas, and exploring LA!