Feed Your Skin

by Sarah Noorani

Taking care of your skin is important, but it can be hard to find affordable skincare products that do not contain too many chemicals. Excessive chemicals on the skin can be harmful as they may cause skin irritation or discoloration. However, instead of going shopping for expensive beauty products, take a look around your house for natural products that can do wonders for your skin!


brighten skin

milk and honey    

One way to brighten your skin is by applying a mixture of milk and honey to your face and washing it off after a few minutes. [1] To get even better results, you can add about a pinch of turmeric powder to the mix, since one of the many beneficial effects of turmeric is brightening the skin. [2] Be careful not to add too much turmeric, since its dye is very strong!    


almond oil

Almond oil is helpful in brightening the skin because it can reduce damage caused by UV radiation from the sun, a significant contributor to darker and a more uneven skin tone. Take a small amount of almond oil in the palm of your hand and apply a thin layer to the face, washing it off after a few minutes. [2]


reduce acne


As mentioned earlier, turmeric has many benefits for the skin, one of them being its ability to fight existing acne and prevent it from developing in the future. [2]


Another ingredient to clear acne is lemon. Studies show that lemon helps nourish the skin; however, research also shows that the acids in lemons may cause pigmentation problems in some individuals who are more sensitive to the acids. [3,4] If you’re unsure about how your skin might react to lemons, you may want to first consult a doctor to seek advice specific to your skin type.  

Lemon - Total Wellness

yogurt, garlic, and honey

If you’re hesitant to try lemons, don't worry! There are other alternatives that may help to reduce acne. For example, try a mixture consisting of yogurt. Yogurt is beneficial for the skin because it helps eliminate dead skin cells and contribute to firmer skin. To create the magic mixture, add one teaspoon of yogurt, a quarter teaspoon of crushed garlic, and one teaspoon honey. Similar to the mixture described previously, this yogurt-garlic-honey concoction can be applied to your face and washed off after a few minutes. [1]


soften skin


If you don't have the time or patience to mix together a bunch of different products, don't be discouraged! Using natural products to keep your skin smooth and soft may require just one ingredient: papaya! This fruit is effective in removing blemishes and making the skin softer, so try making a paste by mashing a papaya and applying it to your face. [3] Why eat papaya when you can just wear it?

Papaya - Total Wellness


Honey is another great natural ingredient for your skin. It has been shown to make the skin softer, lighter, and reduce blemishes. If you want to try another method of softening the skin, experiment with two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice. [1] See which option works best for you!




If traditional moisturizers aren't quite working for you or you just want to try something new, try bananas! Mash a banana and leave it on your skin for 15 minutes. [1] Applying a banana this way can prevent your skin from losing essential oils.

Food isn't only good for your internal body, but also your skin! The nutrients in different foods can improve your skin in different ways. It might seem weird applying food to your face the first couple of times, but the results will encourage you to keep going! While some of these may not work for everyone, these are just some ways to maintain healthy skin.



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