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Bulletproof Coffee

What if you found out there was a way to burn fat all day long? Would you believe that by adding butter to your morning cup of joe, you could be turned into a fat-burning machine? Bulletproof coffee has become a new fad in health food restaurants across the nation. But what exactly does it do? In this article we’ll explore the myths and facts about bulletproof coffee.

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Going Nuts

Have you been feeling nutty lately? Maybe you should consider adding nuts to your life! Nuts are becoming a popular health fad, and many people may be wondering whether nuts are actually worth the hype. According to the USDA, nuts are considered an integral part of a diet that’s low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

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Diet Soda vs. Regular Soda

There is a constant debate about drinking soda, particularly on drinking diet vs regular. Some believe that diet soda is worse because of the “cancer-causing chemicals,” while others believe that regular soda is worse because of the “sugar.”  In terms of popularity, though, the competition is close.

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