Bad Sitting Postures to Avoid

After a long day of work, you may find yourself sore due to neck or back pain. Sadly, this has become increasingly common as the usage of technology has become more commonplace and people stare at their screens for hours on end, craning their necks or slouching over their desks. Improper posture can aggravate health problems, with back and neck pain being the most common problems and other posture-related problems including poor balance or headaches.

Maintaining a proper posture is important for healthy bowel movement and digestion. This infographic shows a few sitting positions you should avoid when facing a screen. A helpful first step would be to pay closer attention every so often to check if your posture needs readjusting. If you find yourself slouching, put your shoulders down and back, pull your head back, and strengthen your core. Alternatively, using a low back support pillow can help remind you to readjust your posture every so often.


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