Sleep Tight + Shine Bright At School

There’s one important thing that students lose more and more of as they proceed to higher levels of education: sleep. As students make the transition from high school to college, their workload skyrockets. In the midst of their academic struggles, they often end up sacrificing their sleep hours and, as a result, become vulnerable to sleep deprivation and its related health problems. 

Q+A: Homesickness

You’ve just moved into college, and you feel like you’re ready to roll. You’ve got a brand-new comforter set to fit your twin XL bed, a shower caddy to survive your floor’s communal bathroom, and a laundry bag to (unfortunately) do your own laundry. You’ve met your roommate, checked in with your RA, and mapped out your classes on campus. You’re prepared to mingle with new friends, use up a lot of money on textbooks, and spend long nights studying. You think you’re ready to tackle whatever the new college life has in store for you. But wait, what’s this?