The Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality: Mind, Medicine, & Media

On Saturday April 23, the Cognitive Science Student Association will be holding the 3rd annual Cognitive Science Conference at UCLA, themed The Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality: Mind, Medicine, & Media. The speaker lineup includes professors and researchers who use virtual reality (VR) as a tool to study the mind, improve clinical treatments, or enhance media. For example, one of the keynote speakers, Arno Hartholt, is a research scientist at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies who works on projects such as Bravemind, which implements VR in exposure therapy to assess and treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

The conference will take place from 11:30-4:30 in Kinsey Pavilion 1220B. Attendees will learn about the diverse applications of VR and have the opportunity to learn how to make their own VR world on their own laptops. During the intermission, attendees can also try on Oculus headsets.

Regardless of major or background, attendees will find this conference interesting, entertaining, and inspiring.

More information about the conference and the speakers can be found below. People who are interested can also visit our Facebook page or email



Dr. Diana Ford, Researcher/Lecturer at UCLA
Dr. BC Biermann, The Heavy Projects Founder
Arno Hartholt, Research Scientist at USC
Joey Essoe, Graduate Student at UCLA
Nicco Reggente, Graduate Student at UCLA
Alvin Vuong, Undergraduate Student at UCLA



Dr. Diana Ford
How design constraints guide teaching and learning VR in the classroom




Alvin Vuong
The Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality: A Hacker’s Perspective


Nicco Reggente
Decoding the contents of mental navigation: A virtual reality and fMRI study


Joey Essoe
DIY VR: OpenSim
Bring your laptops for this cool workshop!


Try out some Oculus VR headsets!


Dr. BC Biermann
The Heavy Projects


Arno Hartholt
Immersive Clinical Care with Virtual Reality



Dr. Diana Ford’s Virtual Reality course featured in the Daily Bruin

Dr. BC Biermann's past project of reimagining murals

Tour of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies



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