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Technically Sleeping 101

Have you ever stayed up feeling restless for no particular reason? Or have you ever woken up feeling like you didn’t get any rest? According to the American Sleep Association, nearly 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorder. [1] Sleep deprivation can negatively affect not only productivity but also personal safety.

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The Truth About Introverts

Have you ever been to a social event where the ice breaker question, “What is your Myers Briggs?” pops up? Myers Briggs personality tests have recently become popular tools for determining personalities. References to the difference between extroverts and introverts can be easily found on popular websites such as Buzzfeed and Facebook. Introverts are often portrayed as shy, quiet, and even anti-social individuals who would much rather skip the fun to be alone. Humorous posts such as memes and quizzes encourage negative ideas of introversion. It’s time to finally dig into these social myths and uncover the truth about introverts!

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