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Recipe: Midnight Sweet-Tooth?

Living on the Hill makes it incredibly easy to satiate that sugar craving in the middle of the night, with De Neve’s ice cream shakes and Rendezvous’ dessert nachos, just to name a few. These Late Night menus may sound enticing, but the options just aren’t the best for you.

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For the Love of Chocolate

Whether enjoyed in batches during the holidays or as an occasional indulgence, chocolate is an American favorite. The average American consumes 9.5 pounds of chocolate per year. But that’s nothing compared to the average Swiss, who consumes around 20 pounds of chocolate per year!

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Food Addiction: When the Craving Consumes You

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about how they are addicted to cheese, are chocoholics, or just can't get enough of bread. While we may throw around the term “addiction” loosely when we discuss our favorite foods, food addiction is actually a highly contested term, and many scientists and doctors still debate over whether or not this is a real concept. 

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