5 Things to Do During “Me” Time

by Rachel Tsao

Fall Quarter is often spent making new friends and catching up with those you haven’t seen since the beginning of summer. With all of these relationships in your life—new and old—it may seem like there is no time for yourself. But there is always room for “me” time—you just need to make it a priority. Here are five things you can do alone amidst all the socializing during this time of the year:  

1. Start journaling

Whether you are a bujo “bullet journal” junkie or just an average college student looking for creative ways to manage your stress, journaling is a powerful tool that enables you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings. Take a couple of minutes out of the day to jot down–amidst the delicate pages of your bullet journal or on a piece of coffee-stained paper that you tore out from a notebook–anything that’s on your mind: What’s bothering you? Why are you feeling the way you’re feeling? If you don't feel like writing, use your journal to create to-do lists, make weekend plans, doodle inspirational quotes, and more! Journaling is an outlet for any type of creative expression, so just let your pen flow. 

2. Listen to a podcast

Education extends beyond the classroom, and podcasts are a fantastic tool for learning new things about the world! Not to mention, they serve as the perfect companion for when you’re out and about, or simply at home doing an all-natural face mask. You can find a podcast for just about anything; we love “The Health Code,The Three Aminos,What the Health”… the list goes on!

3. Go for a nature walk

While the weather is still in its 70s, take advantage of the Cali sun and go for a walk outdoors! The UCLA campus is dotted with beautiful green, open spaces for you to exercise and get your steps in for the day. If you’re a multi-tasker, this may also be the perfect time to put on your earphones and listen to one of our recommended podcasts. 

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4. Unleash your inner domestic goddess

Believe it or not, cooking can be very therapeutic. There are plenty of simple recipes out there that do not require an extensive grocery shopping list and also involve easy, breezy cleanup. Our Ready-to-Blend Smoothie is perfect for a quick breakfast on-the-go and this Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding only has four main ingredients! If you’re up for a challenge, try out these tongue-tingling, pepper-infused recipes to add some spicy warmth to your diet!

5. Just embrace solitude

There are plenty of fun activities to do alone, but sometimes the best thing is to just hit the reset button, relax, and zen out. Mindful meditation does require a little practice and the experience may not always be what you expect, but spending quality time alone in a peaceful environment allows you to stay in touch with your most authentic self, devoid of any distractions and expectations of other people. 

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