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Fostering Health through Community Gardening

Our health has always been intertwined with the environment. By shaping our relationships with the environment to better harness these advantages, many organizations play a critical role in preserving environmental advantages for future generations. One such organization is Farm LA.

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Yerba Mate: A Look at the Rising Coffee Substitute

Yerba mate finds its roots deep in South American culture where it is often believed to be a god-sent tree. Harvested from the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis, mate is considered a communal drink with immense sociocultural value.

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5 Things to Do During “Me” Time

Fall Quarter is often spent making new friends and catching up with those you haven’t seen since the beginning of summer. With all of these relationships in your life—new and old—it may seem like there is no time for yourself. But there is always room for “me” time—you just need to make it a priority.

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