The Benefits of Walking Daily

Jad Limcaco via Unsplash

Jad Limcaco via Unsplash

After a year of closed gyms and exercise facilities, it’s become even more challenging to be physically active. Yet there are many ways to get back into your fitness groove. One of the most powerful and easy ways to get that daily exercise is by simply walking. There are several physical and mental benefits of walking daily if you establish this activity as a routine. This article will address the benefits of walking and ways to spice up your daily exercise routine during quarantine.

About Walking

Walking can be an activity that is just as effective of a workout as running. Physical activity does not have to be vigorous in order to improve health. Walking is a low impact activity that is accessible to people of all ages, does not require any equipment, and can be done at any time of the day. [1] All you really need is a good pair of walking shoes and a place to walk around!

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking offers numerous health benefits to people of all ages and can even prevent certain diseases and prolong your life. Even just 30 minutes of walking can increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, strengthen bones, and more. Here are the physical and mental benefits of walking daily:

Improves mood

Walking can boost your mental health. A recent study has found that walking can improve self-esteem, mood, and sleep quality as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Walking also boosts the energy in your system by increasing oxygen flow throughout your body. Walking can also help you clear your head and improve creative thinking. [2]

Cardiovascular health

The energy used in walking can reduce risk for high blood pressure and heart disease by around 19 percent. Walking improves your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. A walking routine can also lower risk for stroke and diabetes. [3]

Burns calories

Walking helps burn calories, which can also help lose or maintain weight. The amount of calories you burn walking can depend on different factors such as your weight, walking speed, and the distance you walked. By walking, you can burn 100 to 300 calories in 30 minutes and keep your weight under control. [2]

Jeffrey Grospe via Unplash

Jeffrey Grospe via Unplash

Adding Variety

Walking can also be fun and there are many ways to make the activity a more enjoyable part of your life; exercise does not have to be a chore and can instead be something to look forward to everyday. It is important to keep your walking routine fresh so you can find motivation to walk everyday. Here are some tips to make your daily walk more interesting:

Tip #1: Finding new locations

You might find yourself bored if you walk around the same blocks every day. Perhaps drive to a new location like a nearby park, viewpoint or reserve, or a different neighborhood. You can also try walking on different surfaces that make your walk more challenging and engaging. Another idea is to walk your normal route backward.

Tip #2: Listening during walks

You can listen to podcasts, music, or audiobooks to make your workout more interesting. There are several podcasts out there that can suit your interests. Creating a playlist for your walks can help you stay motivated and even walk at a faster pace or at a regular rhythm.

Tip #3: Walking with others, or your dog

Try walking with a friend or a group. By having walking buddies, you can help each other stay motivated and keep each other accountable on your daily walking routines. You would have someone to talk to during your walks and can explore new areas together. You can also consider walking with your family if you are not inclined to exercise with individuals from outside your household during quarantine. With the ample time it provides to communicate, walking can be a great bonding opportunity. By walking with others, you can transform your exercise routine into an exciting social activity. You could also FaceTime or video call your friends while walking to create a virtual “walk hangout”.

The Bottom Line

Walking is an excellent method to get your blood flowing during quarantine. There are multiple health benefits to walking, and you can make it an exciting activity by shaking it up with the tips provided.


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