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Expectations for Instant Availability

With the speed and convenience of modern technology, we have come to rely on virtual communication now more than ever, especially due to the stay-at-home regulations of the pandemic. As the swiftness of technological communication has increased, however, so have expectations for the promptness of our response times.

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Navigating a Relationship in Quarantine

Healthy relationships can already be difficult to maintain. Yet, lockdown just seems to make it harder than ever to keep relationships in check. As connections with others can seem like they’re falling apart amidst the pandemic, let’s discover how to make the best of any quarantine relationship.

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There may come a time—possibly upon starting university or graduating—where you will have to move thousands of miles away from your loved ones. You may then wonder what the distance will do to your existing relationships. Welcome to the world of Long Distance Relationships (LDRs)!

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