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Can Night Shift Help You Sleep Better?

Recently, Apple introduced Night Shift: an automatic software that adjusts the light on our device’s screen to imitate the warmer light spectrum. While it has been observed that a simple switch in color can potentially affect sleep and overall wellness, should we depend on Night Shift, or sleep on it?

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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work? A College Student's Experience

I’ve begun wondering: if all my friends are wearing blue light glasses, would I benefit from wearing them too? My curiosity was piqued, and I did some research to investigate the usefulness of blue light glasses before trying the glasses myself.

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How Sunlight Affects Your Mood

Weeks into the shelter-in-place order, people may struggle to find the motivation to get up. Many people might be scared to leave their homes, or intimidated by new social distancing rules. The feeling of being stuck inside can worsen moods and exacerbate stress.

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