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My First Time: One-Day Juice Cleanse

There seems to be a never ending supply of trendy health foods in America. Most disappear just as quickly as they come. But there are a few health trends that seem to never die. Juice cleansing is one of these seemingly immortal health trends.

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My First Time: CSA Box Trial

CSA, or community-supported agriculture, boxes are relatively common (especially in produce-rich California) but many, including myself, do not know exactly what they entail. To solve this enigma, I purchased one of the CSA boxes offered by South Central Farmers. South Central Farmers is a group that distributes boxes within the Los Angeles community and offers pick-up locations on the UCLA campus including the UCLA School of Law and UCLA Center for Health Sciences. In this article I will walk you through my journey by sharing what type of produce I received and a few ways I incorporated the box’s contents into my meals.

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Q+A: Homesickness

You’ve just moved into college, and you feel like you’re ready to roll. You’ve got a brand-new comforter set to fit your twin XL bed, a shower caddy to survive your floor’s communal bathroom, and a laundry bag to (unfortunately) do your own laundry. You’ve met your roommate, checked in with your RA, and mapped out your classes on campus. You’re prepared to mingle with new friends, use up a lot of money on textbooks, and spend long nights studying. You think you’re ready to tackle whatever the new college life has in store for you. But wait, what’s this?

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